On February 13th 2018, Ignacio Gavilan, The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Environmental Director, will lead a panel discussion during ATMOsphere Japan in Tokyo, at the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa. The panel, entitled “Future of the Industry End User Panel”, will also include speakers from Ajinomoto, Yoshio Ice Manufacturing Refrigeration, Lawson, Nara Coop and AEON.

This event in Japan provides the opportunity to discuss both global and Japanese market trends with government representatives, end users, domestic and foreign manufactures and key industry leaders. One of the most important topics to be covered in the conference will be Japan’s recent regulatory announcement regarding CO2 reclassification, signalling a monumental shift for CO2 regulation in the country.

Ignacio is a frequent attendee and supporter of ATMOsphere events and praises the organisation’s consistent work to bring about market transformation.  In October last year Ignacio attended ATMO Ibérica where he spoke about the CGF’s efforts to move the industry towards natural refrigerants.

In 2010, the CGF’s members made a commitment to tackle the growing impact of refrigeration systems and while much has been achieved since then, there is still more that we can do. The Board agreed a second resolution to see further implementation of natural refrigeration systems beyond 2016. We are continuing to mobilise the efforts of our members and work with civil society and international organisations, with a view to promote the development, commercialisation and adoption of climate-friendly alternatives to HFCs.

Download our Refrigeration Case Studies Booklet to learn about the progress made by our members.

If you are interested in attending ATMOsphere Japan, please visit the event website.