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On December 10th, Human Rights Day, Global Cause launched its 2017 Labour Exploitation Campaign as an independent supplement in the Observer. The expert-led publication, which launched on Human Rights Day, looks at how the UK and global powers are tackling modern slavery, human trafficking, child labour and other horrors of labour exploitation.

The CGF’s Social Sustainability Director Didier Bergeret was pleased to have been interviewed in the publication alongside David Schilling, Senior Director for Human Rights at the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. Describing modern slavery as a global problem, Didier says the issue is, “too big to be solved by one company alone” and states that it’s a problem that “isn’t easy to talk about for consumer-facing companies where there’s a risk that comes with being associated with certain practices”.

“Collaboration”, Didier says, “is the only way forward on this issue”. Collaboration is indeed at the heart of the CGF’s work, as we strive to partner with other industries, with governments and with civil society on this endemic issue.

The online version of the publication is available here and you may read Didier’s interview on page 6. Find out more about the campaign on social media by searching #Achieve87.