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In December 2017, Mediaplanet launched its “Future of Food” campaign as an independent supplement in USA Today, featuring renowned chef and childhood nutrition advocate Jamie Oliver. The campaign covers topics such as food waste, childhood nutrition and hunger and explores the role that technology is playing in transforming our relationship with food.

Ignacio Gavilan, the CGF’s Environmental Sustainability Director, was pleased to have written an article in the supplement on the topic of food waste and the role of the consumer goods industry in tackling the issue. He writes about the recent Call to Action issued by the CGF, calling upon members to standardise food labels across the world by 2020 to help improve clarity for consumers.

“Collective action is crucial”, says Ignacio, “and governments, NGOs and the private sector must collaborate; through a mixture of food labelling standardisation, public awareness campaigns and accurate measurement, we can successfully tackle the problem.”

The digital version of Ignacio’s article, “Why Food Date Labelling Has an Important Role to Play in Cutting Food Waste” is available here: 

To explore the digital version of the campaign, go to Mediaplanet’s Modern Wellness Guide website.