On 9th December, the CGF Food Waste Coalition of Action held a two-hour virtual workshop for Coalition members, fresh produce suppliers and key stakeholder organisations to spark dialogues between both actors on collaborative ways to address the issue of food loss and waste, particularly on-farm losses. Engagement on the issue of post-harvest losses, which includes food loss that occurs at the farm level immediately after production, is one of the Coalition’s key workstreams, given it is the source of 30 percent of all food losses.

Coalition members and produce suppliers both attended the workshop to learn about the unique challenges each other faces on the issue of post-harvest loss. They were joined by Kai Robertson, Lead Advisor at the World Resources Institute (WRI) and Lisa Johnson, Food Loss Researcher, Consultant and Author, who brought technical expertise to the workshop. Additionally, Coalition member Migros presented a case study on how it engages with its fresh producer suppliers. Rakesh Allu, the author of the CGF’s recent publication “Contractual Terms for Reducing Food Waste: Potentials and Possibilities Within Fresh Grocery Supply Chains”, presented the key research findings that laid the foundation for a dialogue on how contractual arrangements between suppliers and retailers may impact food loss in supply chains.

The workshop was the first in a series that the Coalition will hold throughout 2020 and 2021, with later workshops focusing on meat protein and dairy production and agricultural crops.

For more details on the CGF’s work to accelerate progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 and halve food loss per capita worldwide, visit www.tcgffoodwaste.com.