On 30th November, The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Human Rights Coalition — Working to End Forced Labour (HRC) issued a response to the latest KnowTheChain (KTC) Food & Beverage Benchmark Findings report, which was released on 15th October 2020. This report marks the 3rd edition of such benchmark focusing on how the food and beverage sector fares in identifying, managing and remediating forced labour risks and cases. The CGF is encouraged to see collective initiatives now considered within the analysis and their role is recognised and acknowledged in the fight against forced labour, and indeed does appreciate the key takeaways from the report notably around transparency and accountability upon which the CGF can reflect. However, it is concerned that the CGF’s role and responsibility as an industry organisation has been misrepresented and therefore offers corrections to the misperceptions identified in the report in this letter. The full letter is accessible here.