Didier Bergeret, The Consumer Goods Forum’s Director of Sustainability, has contributed to a new publication released by the International Trade Centre (ITC) entitled, “Sustainability Standards: A New Deal to Build Forward Better”. The publication was released as part of the ITC’s Trade for Sustainable Development Forum. 

In his interview, entitled “COVID-19: Shining a Spotlight on Abuse of Workers’ Rights,” Didier shared how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted vulnerabilities in global supply chains which negatively impact Workers, and reflected on the role of technology and Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) legislation in addressing human rights risks within the value chain. In response to the pandemic’s particular impact on seafarers, the CGF responded by including repatriation criteria in its Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) benchmark for At-Sea Operations. The SSCI Benchmark works to ‘build forward better’ by identifying those third-party standards that meet or exceed industry expectations.

Didier was one of 14 industry experts who work with sustainability standards interviewed for the publication. As Director of Sustainability at the CGF, Didier oversees the CGF Forest Positive Coalition, Human Rights Coalition — Working to End Forced Labour, and the SSCI, three Coalitions that share a common objective to ensure the sustainability of consumer goods supply chains worldwide. Sustainability standards are an important tool to use in reaching this objective, and the CGF thanks the ITC for the opportunity to share its views in the publication.

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