At the end of August, members of the Environmental Sustainability team spoke at the largest Sustainability Summit (Cumbre de Sostenibilidad) in Bogota, Colombia. Attended by more than 1,700 delegates, the event brought together experts from business, government, the public sector, and academia to discuss the biggest environmental challenges facing Colombia, and the planet.

During the event, Ignacio Gavilan, Director of Environmental Sustainability at The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) gave a keynote speech, presenting the work of the CGF across the topics of plastic waste, food waste, deforestation, and refrigeration. Erika Rodriguez, General Manager of the CGF’s Latin America Office then spoke on a panel alongside three CGF member companies – Unilever, Nutresa, and Grupo Exito – who shared their implementation success stories, as well as their experiences of collaborative work as part of the CGF’s working groups alongside fellow members. The team were delighted to see the strong interest and commitment of our members in Colombia, and start of this important collaborative work on these topics.

Ignacio took part in a Facebook Live broadcast which can be viewed here. 

CGF Latin America, Plastics and Food Waste Workshop

On the Wednesday following the Summit, the CGF’s local office organised a workshop on both food and plastic waste for CGF members and interested companies. These two topics were chosen as the priority for discussion as they are both part of the Colombian government’s current legislative agenda. Ignacio was joined by the Ministry of Environment, and the CEO of Nestlé Colombia to discuss plastic waste. To then discuss the food loss and waste protocol (FLW), Ignacio was then joined by Grupo Exito, the National Association of Food Banks and senator in charge of this law in Colombia.