Spearheading the consumer goods industry’s action to reduce food loss and waste in own operations, members of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Food Waste Coalition of Action are now publicly reporting on their food surplus and waste data in a harmonised approach. As part of the Coalition’s decisive objective to facilitate public reporting across leading initiatives in an aligned guidance with Champions 12.3, a harmonised reporting template was developed in collaboration with WRAP and WRI. The tool is available to all CGF members via the Data Capture Sheet, hosted on WRAP’s website, and has already been used by Ahold Delhaize, Grupo Bimbo, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Nestle,  to name a few, as part of their reporting process.

The aim of the tool is to provide a user friendly-universal template to capture information and data for several different food loss and waste reduction initiatives, such as the CGF’s Food Waste Coalition of Action, in a format ready for publication on The Food Waste Atlas.

To develop the template WRAP, WRI and the CGF worked closely together over several weeks, producing several versions before arriving at the final universal template design, which reflects the subtle differences in global definitions and languages.

Ignacio Gavilan, Sustainability Director, The Consumer Goods Forum, said, “Measurement and reporting on food loss and waste is vital to tackle this issue, and the steps taken to develop this harmonised template will reduce the reporting burden for the industry. Before its creation, reporting was a complex and confusing feat, but now it has been significantly simplified.”

You can access the data capture sheet here, alongside a pre-recorded webinar which provides a detailed walkthrough of the tool.

For more details on the CGF’s work to accelerate progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 and halve food loss per capita worldwide, visit www.tcgffoodwaste.com.