Members of The Consumer Goods Forum got together at the Sustainable Retail Summit in Lisbon on 26 October to showcase the different ‘Collaboration for Healthier Lives’ interventions taking place in communities around the world, including France, Japan and the UK.

Carrefour and Danone presented an overview of the french initiative entitled ‘Ensemble, Vivons Mieux’ that is planned to be rolled out next year. Starting in Lyon, Bertrand Swiderski, Carrefour and Thomas Kyriaco, Danone said they plan to use digital to help nudge healthier categories in the basket, provide options in-store on healthier products and work with local authorities to offer, for example, healthier recipes to families complimenting the cities canteen menu for children.

Kana Kawada from AEON Co. Ltd. Japan, presented the Japanese CHL intervention, which launched earlier this year. She said that Japan is ageing more rapidly than anywhere else in the world, so the focus for the CHL rollout is to improve lifestyle habits to extend a healthy life expectancy. She talked about the in-store events and promotions they have been organising to educate consumers to eat more vegetables and moderate their salt intake, amongst other things. She also mentioned the survey results sent to people who attended the events showed great results, highlighting the increase in people caring about their dietary habits and the increase in consumption of vegetables.

Pepsico and BCG talked about the UK chapter of CHL, which will be launched in the London boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth next year. The proposal is to collectively develop a series of structural and behavioral interventions to help customers understand, find and choose healthier options. Khaled Tawfik, BCG, presented delegates with a timeline of activities that are planned from the launch of the initiative in Q1 2019. Maggie Biscarr from PepsiCo, who has been heavily involved in the US CHL initiative, emphasised that collaboration is key for success and the importance of building legitimacy by partnering with health authorities and governments.

During the panel session that followed, speakers shared their insights into why the CHL activations are key for consumers and the future of our businesses. The inspiring session ended with how they are impacting healthier lives around the world.

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