On 21st June, our Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) and GSSI held a Consultation Workshop at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Barcelona, kindly sponsored by GIZ. The workshop engaged approximately 60 participants in fruitful discussion on the specificities of social compliance in the seafood sector. The joint workshop follows on from the May announcement confirming SSCI and GSSI will collaborate to provide a benchmark and recognition tool for social compliance schemes in the seafood sector.

The workshop was designed to provide participants with information on the collaboration between SSCI and GSSI, next steps on the development of the social compliance benchmark and offer the first opportunity to provide input on the specificities of social compliance in the seafood sector.

The SSCI and GSSI teams are happy to announce that Phase 1 of the collaboration, the Scoping phase, has begun and will run to October 2018. Phase 1 will include engagement of the seafood sector in the public consultation on the SSCI processing scope, as well as identifying the need for additional seafood specific scopes addressing primary production as well as at sea-processing. A joint taskforce will provide recommendations to the GSSI Steering Board and SSCI Steering Committee on the above items. The Taskforce will consist of GSSI and SSCI partners and invited experts.

The SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Barcelona took place from 19th-21st June 2018 and brings together global representatives from the seafood industry with leaders from the conservation community, academia, government and the media. The goal of the Summit is to define success and advance solutions in sustainable seafood by fostering dialogue and partnerships that lead to a seafood marketplace that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. The conference is produced in partnership by SeaWeb and Diversified Communications. 

Please contact the SSCI team if you would like to get involved in the joint taskforce or to learn more about the SSCI’s work.