Taking the last steps to finalise the At-Sea Operations (ASO) scope of the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI), the SSCI today launches a second public consultation on the Social Criteria under the ASO scope. The ASO scope is the product of the ongoing collaboration between the SSCI and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) to develop a social compliance benchmarking scheme in the seafood industry. 

This consultation follows the first public consultation held on the criteria, as well as the scope’s Scheme Management Criteria, held in summer 2020. The SSCI’s At-Sea Operations Working Group then reviewed and integrated the input from this consultation; resulting in the changes to the draft Social Criteria presented during this public consultation. More details about the development of the Social and Scheme Management Criteria are available here.

The updated draft Social Criteria may be viewed here, and stakeholders are invited to provide comments on the SSCI website until 12th February 2021. For any additional questions, stakeholders are welcome to contact the SSCI team at ssci@theconsumergoodsforum.com.