On 29th October, Senior Manager of the CGF’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) Thomas van Haaren joined a virtual roundtable discussion at the European SDG Summit in a session titled, “Responsible Sourcing: From Assurance to Collaborative Action.” The panel focused on how to build resilient, sustainable supply chains through cooperation and strategic partnerships.

Thomas joined the panel to share how the CGF uses its Coalitions of Action to drive accelerated change on global issues by bringing together consumer goods retailers, manufacturers and service providers at the CEO-level to collaborate and act on sustainability. The SSCI in particular helps build credibility in supply chains by working to harmonise social sustainability standards under the SSCI criteria. The SSCI also works alongside the CGF’s Human Rights Coalition — Working to End Forced Labour, and Forest Positive Coalition, to support their efforts in removing forced labour and deforestation from key supply chains.

Thomas spoke alongside other supply chain initiatives focused on industries such as copper and rubber to share lessons learned and avenues for collaboration in anticipation of proposed mandatory due diligence legislation from the European Union. Other panellists were Nicholas Garrett, CEO, RCS Global; Michèle Brülhart, Executive Director, Copper Mark; Jan-Christian Niebank, Senior Policy Officer, German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs; and Stefano Savi, Executive Director, Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber. 

Finally, Thomas shared the current progress of the SSCI’s development, including the recent launch of a public consultation on its Primary Production scope. He concluded by saying he and the SSCI look forward to further opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Summit focused on the European Pact on Sustainable Industry 2030, an initiative brought forth by CSR Europe, a leading business network for corporate social responsibility. The Pact aims to bring industry associations together to mainstream sustainability efforts and scale up the impact made by individual companies, organisations and governments.