The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) is pleased to have been included in the Standards Map, launched in 2011 by the International Trade Centre, an agency of the United Nations and WTO. The inclusion of the SSCI into the Standards Map enables users to filter which sustainability schemes are recognised by the SSCI, allowing for a more straight-forward selection of the standard of their choice. The inclusion also highlights the importance of the SSCI as a recognition of scheme excellence in the benchmark’s three scopes: Manufacturing and Processing, Primary Production, and At-Sea Operations.

ITC’s Standards Map is a free online tool to easily find information and discover trends on standards for environmental protection, labour rights, business ethics, due diligence and traceability, among others. ITC created the tool to help users, namely companies and policymakers make informed decisions in a constantly moving landscape of sustainability standards, and to be able to connect with like-minded partner organizations.

The Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative, a CEO-led Coalition of Action from The Consumer Goods Forum, is committed to building trust by offering clear guidance on which third-party social compliance auditing, certification and monitoring programmes are credible, trustworthy and meet industry expectations for sustainability. It currently operates a social compliance benchmark for three sectors and will soon develop an environmental compliance benchmark as well. For more information about the SSCI, visit