The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) is extending its sphere of influence to third-party environmental sustainability audit, monitoring, and certification schemes. With the support from the CGF’s member companies’ CEOs and the experience gained assessing an increasing number of schemes against the SSCI’s social benchmark scopes, the SSCI’s steering committee voted last July in favour of resuming work on the development of a scope within the SSCI Benchmarking Requirements addressing environmental sustainability.

As a result of this positive vote, a Working Group of members of the SSCI was established to draft a recommendation on the structural addition of such a scope(s) to the already existing SSCI Benchmarking Requirements, and a roadmap to deliver that scope(s). The Working Group aims to deliver that recommendation to the SSCI steering committee when they meet in Amsterdam just before the CGF’s seventh annual Sustainable Retail Summit.

Tamara Muruetagoiena, Director, Sustainability at the International Fresh Produce Association: “The SSCI Benchmark and Recognition are a reference point for industry members who are looking for reliable third-party schemes to assess their sustainability supply chain risks, and extending our activities to environmental standards seem a natural progression for us. We look forward to developing this work further with our fellow Coalition members, industry peers and experts on the topic.”

Janis McIntosh, Director, Marketing Innovation and Sustainability, Naturipe: “Having witnessed the Coalition’s development of the SSCI benchmarks for social compliance, we are please they are expanding their great work into environmental standards. I look forward to working with the Coalition members, industry peers and experts to develop this much needed tool.”

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The Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative, a CEO-led Coalition of Action from The Consumer Goods Forum, is committed to building trust by offering clear guidance on which third-party sustainability compliance auditing, certification and monitoring programmes are credible, trustworthy, and meet industry expectations for sustainability. For more information about the SSCI, visit