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The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and Innovation & Consult have collaborated to publish a learning series whitepaper describing the basic mechanisms behind some of the End-to-End pillar concepts, including Simple Links (2016), TimeBinder (2017), and Label-Less 2L (2018). 

The paper begins by giving a detailed overview of Simple Links while providing practical examples of how it connects the physical and the digital. Readers can then delve into how TimeBinder works to make digital reliable, while looking into the two main functions it fulfils. 

Furthermore, informative case studies are used to illustrate Label-Less as the continuum replacing events, before concluding with insights into the Autonomous Organisation. By offering a comprehensive overview of these concepts,  the CGF and Innovation & Consult bring to light the power of machines in doing  business, machine-to-machine. 


Download the teaser version of the paper or access the full version via the Members’ Space if you’re a CGF member.