On Thursday April 22nd, Aliya Kumekbayeva, Sustainability Officer at The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), participated in a consultative workshop organised by the One Planet Network, on sustainable food value chain focusing on processing, manufacturing and retail. The workshop was the second in a series of consultations organised by the network with the aim to allow for a collaborative development of a common agenda and a roadmap for action for the food sector.

Aliya, who works on the CGF’s Coalition on Food Waste was invited to share more about the mission and projects of the Coalition, as well as contribute to a discussion on how FMCGs and retailers can design food for a regenerative food system. She was joined for the session by Emma Chow from Ellen MacArthur Foundation among other speakers and participants, and their conversation centred around influential actions at various stages of the food-value chain, the role of policy-makers and existing gaps that need to be addressed.

During the full workshop, participants concluded that the retail industry has a strong strategic position, thanks to its interaction with both farmers, processing, and manufacturing companies as well as consumers. Actions that support sustainable sourcing and reliable certification schemes, reduction and avoidance of food loss and waste are vital in order to leverage the retail industry towards sustainable production and consumption along the food value chain.

The CGF was pleased to participate in the workshop which provided an opportunity to engage with representatives from various sectors on this important issue.

For more information about the CGF’s work to help drive progress towards a world where no plastic ends up in nature, and to halve food loss and waste in our industry’s supply chains by 2030, learn about our Plastic Waste Coalition as well as our Food Waste Coalition.