The Consumer Goods Forum’s Managing Director, Wai-Chan Chan, will speak about how we can create a sustainable future to protect the world’s long-term food supply at the World Retail Congress.

Taking place in Paris from 16 to 18 April, the congress is set to unite leaders from across the global retail industry to share inspirational ideas, groundbreaking strategies and practical insights to drive success. Wai-Chan Chan will speak on a panel session titled ‘A Sustainable Food Future’, moderated by Reniera O’Donnell, food initiative lead at the Ellen McArthur Foundation. He will call for urgent improvements to the global food system to ensure its long-term viability and sustainability. His key ask will be for retailers – and the food and drink sector more widely – to adopt a holistic approach to effect positive, systemic change and create a better food system for all.

“The food system’s challenges are unprecedented but also shared. No single organisation, government or company can fix them alone. Collaboration is essential to creating lasting positive change.”

“At The Consumer Goods Forum, we have numerous examples of what this looks like in practice. Our Forest Positive, Food Waste and Plastics Waste Coalitions of Action bring together companies to help address key challenges, including environmental and social sustainability, health, food safety and product data accuracy. They have changed the dynamics of important relationships in the consumer goods sector. Now is the time for these approaches to be adopted much more widely.”

“This is a moment for collective action. By pulling together, retailers, farmers, food producers and brands can radically improve how our food is made and futureproof our industry. We can help ensure global food security for the long term.”

“However, this is not just our chance to transform our operations but also to take the lead on a profound global shift. We have the chance to lead from the front when it comes to meeting crucial global goals – like the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.”

“If we continue to strive to improve systems, practices and ways of working, it could set off a global ripple effect – stimulating wider action to improve people’s livelihoods, protect nature and tackle climate change. Wielding significant power and influence, multinational food retailers are uniquely placed to drive the transition to a greener and better world.”

The panel session will take place at 14:20 CET on Thursday, April 18, on the main stage of the congress venue.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the event and attending Wai-Chan’s session, view the WRC 2024 agenda. For more information about the CGF’s work to help drive progress towards a more sustainable future, visit our website.