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Grocers leverage in-store tech during COVID-19

link Download Resource Supermarket chains are embracing their in-store technology to better serve shoppers during the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Keeping employees and shoppers safe during this uncertain…

Reforestation: More Than Planting Trees

…where we source raw materials such as palm, soya, paper, coffee, or coconut, and where precious forested ecosystems such as forests, mangroves – hotspots for biodiversity – have been depleted….

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Changes in Board of Directors Structure Mark a New Era for the Global Food Safety Initiative

…absolutely delighted to be welcoming our new Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs who assume these leadership roles on the GFSI Board at a time of unprecedented change, as we drive forward to…

Leveraging Technology to Detect, Measure, and Mitigate Sustainability and Socially Responsible Sourcing Risks

…critical inputs, and the use of migrant or undocumented labour. Environmental sustainability risks include deforestation, damage to protected areas and high value conservation areas, GHG emissions and carbon negative practices,…

Reflections as We Move into a New Decade

…McKinsey, we created a blueprint for reaching our ambitions through the development of a simulation model comparing collection and recycling rates, material flows, as well as associated financial and social…

Sustainable Retail Summit 2020

…https://youtu.be/Ui2bdt5iusI Leadership Within the Post-Covid Context–Purpose Re-Defined? video https://youtu.be/Deyyg5xGil0 Health & Sustainability in the Post-Pandemic World – Learnings video https://youtu.be/D0zhHEmY0h4 Keeping Up A Global Supply Chain During the Pandemic video…

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The Consumer Goods Forum Meets with Delegation from Brazilian Indigenous Peoples Articulation

…was facilitated with the support of Mighty Earth. The meeting took place in Brussels on 4th November and was part of the APIB’s tour of 12 European countries, from 17th…

Will Things Fall Apart if the Centre Cannot Hold (All the Data)?

…complexity and there being no obvious benefit beyond keeping their retail or manufacturing customers happy. Then there are technical objections. Take blockchain. As with many new technological developments the transactional…

CHL Mexico

…use of the toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash as well as brochures with recommendations for daily oral and personal hygiene routines. Active Lifestyle: Promoting active lifestyles, by partnering with…

Sustainable Packaging and Certification Solutions within the Circular Economy

The forest sector, through its advancement of sustainably managed forests and forest-based products, has a significant role to play in the circular economy and can provide critical solutions for global…