PARIS, 1st August 2022 — The Consumer Goods Forum is delighted to announce the following new companies have joined our global membership community and, in doing so, have confirmed their commitment to our vision of better lives through better business.

Takeoff offers an eGrocery solution that empowers to thrive online using Micro-Fulfillment Centres: small, robotic fulfillment centres that can be leveraged at a hyperlocal scale. Orders are placed online through established retailers, and Takeoff’s automated technology fulfills the order. Takeoff has several operational Micro Fulfillment Centres in place, with many to follow in the upcoming years. Takeoff is growing rapidly, with a total capital of $86M raised to date.  

“We are so excited for this opportunity to become members of The Consumer Goods Forum. We share in their commitment to drive positive change for the future through teamwork and collaboration. At Takeoff, our mission is to use technology and innovation to democratise access to quality foods. We partner with grocery retailers to build a sustainable and profitable solution to bring groceries online. Our technology can operate at a lower cost-to-serve than a traditional supermarket, presenting the potential to lower food prices across the board.” – Max Pedró, CEO & Co-Founder, Takeoff Technologies

Qingdao Kangda group is a state-level key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialisation, with diversified operations and cross-regional development. The food company has six sections: rabbit, chicken, conditioning, breeding, feed and pet food. Shandong Kaijia Food Co., Ltd. is a division of the Kangda group. It is a joint-stock enterprise mainly engaged in broiler breeding, hatching, slaughtering and food processing. With export and high-end catering enterprises as the core business, it deeply cultivates product quality, wholeheartedly creates excellence with customers at home and abroad, and brings customers “a healthy and sunny life enjoyment”.

“It’s a great honour to join The Consumer Goods Forum. CGF is the only organisation in the world that connects retailers and manufacturers in the consumer goods industry. It focuses on the most important opportunities and risks faced by the global consumer goods industry, to promote food safety, healthier lives and sustainable development. We look forward to a new cooperation journey with CGF and working together to create healthier lives.” – Longhai LIU, President, Shandong Kaijia Food 

Kersia is a global leader in biosecurity and food safety with value added products and solutions to prevent diseases or contamination in both animals and humans at every stage of the food supply chain. Solutions are including services, AI, and innovative approaches. The company offers also solutions to the healthcare sector.

“Kersia is delighted to join The Consumer Goods Forum to further develop food safety practices, how these can be adapted and managed. In a world strongly impacted by various changes (e.g. climate, energy, resources), we are convinced that the CGF, gathering all the actors in the Food Chain, is the right place to discuss the “future of Food Safety”.” – Sébastien Bossard, CEO, Kersia

As the only association in the consumer goods industry that is truly global, while embracing both retailers and manufacturers, and service providers, our members understand the value of our uniqueness. Many of the opportunities and issues that we face as an industry can’t be addressed by individual companies alone, or just by collaborating regionally. The CGF offers you a seat at the table, and our members know that our global, cross-value chain perspective is critical to helping drive positive change globally and in securing long-term, sustainable business growth.

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