The Consumer Goods Forum, in Partnership with shecco, Explores Natural Refrigerants and Industry Actions to Phase Out HFCs

PARIS, 22nd April 2019 — The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is pleased to announce the launch of “Understanding the Most Cost-Effective Way to Fight Climate Change”. Developed in partnership with shecco, the booklet explores the topic of refrigerant systems and their impact, as well as the main challenges in implementing hydrofluorocarbon-free cooling. The booklet also highlights the benefits of using such technologies and features case studies from companies who have already made the switch to natural refrigerants.

Refrigerants continue to cause planetary trouble, and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) have become the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The booklet details the environmental impact of these emissions and how they are contributing significantly to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer and global warming. Such impacts are primarily a result of leakage during manufacturing, maintenance and regular usage, as well as during improper disposal and reclamation. Today, huge volumes of HFCs remain in circulation.

However, there is now enough evidence to make a clear business case for shifting towards natural refrigerants. By doing so, companies can achieve greater energy efficiency, return on investment and regulatory compliance. These benefits come despite initial barriers, such as initial costs, lack of trained technicians and availability of energy-efficient solutions for warmer climates.

Each benefit and challenge is carefully examined within the booklet, and includes testimonies provided by industry end-users who have successfully implemented energy-efficient, HFC-free technology. Success stories include those from a number of CGF members: Campbell Soup, Carrefour, Heineken, Lawson, METRO AG, Recheio (Jeronimo Martins) and Woolworths.

Ignacio Gavilan, Environmental Sustainability Director, The Consumer Goods Forum, said, “Our members continue to be at the forefront of change. This is what makes the CGF unique. We bring together consumer goods retailers, manufacturers and their stakeholders globally to address these key topics. And, more importantly, it’s their commitment to act on the information available and lead from the front. Thanks to the actions of these leading retailers and manufacturers, we now have a much better understanding of the HFC-challenge and how we can drive positive change and phase out these harmful, chemical refrigerants”.

The threat that refrigerant gasses pose to the environment has been firmly acknowledged by the consumer goods industry for almost a decade. Back in 2010, the CGF’s members made a commitment to tackle the growing impact of refrigeration systems and, in a move to sustain momentum, the CGF’s Board announced a second Refrigeration Resolution in October 2016 to continue the phase out of HFCs and call for the inclusion of HFCs in the Montreal Protocol. This proposed amendment was included in 2016: a huge step towards the global phase-out of harmful HFCs.

For all the industry’s achievements, there is still scope for companies to be more ambitious in phasing out harmful chemical refrigerants and moving to natural alternatives on a global scale. When implemented at scale, a HFC phase-down will have huge impact, offering one of the most cost effective climate mitigation strategies available in the world today.

“Retailers and other technology end-users have an opportunity to develop refrigeration strategies that simultaneously advance business and environmental goals. The transition towards long-term future-proof natural refrigerant-based technologies is often not without challenges. Nevertheless, learning from the experience of others can be an effective way to overcome the barriers as well as avoid unnecessary intermediary steps”, said Marc Chasserot, CEO, shecco.

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