SITGES, BARCELONA, 26 September 2023 – The second edition of The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Supply Chain Conference (SCC) officially closed with a networking dinner at Finca Villadellops, a vineyard on the coast of the Catalan region of Spain.

A dynamic group of around forty supply chain and product data experts and leaders from around the world gathered at the Hotel Sunway Playa for a day of insightful presentations, best practice sharing and interactive discussions.

The 2nd edition of the Supply Chain Conference was part of the week-long WinterComes event, which brings together global leaders and experts in supply chain, logistics and data to address the challenges and opportunities to achieve the common goal of shaping the future of supply chains through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Our sponsors and partners included CGF members Siemens and ImpactBuying as well as Global Textile Scheme, Logyca, IVIS Group and Ulma. The agenda was packed with interactive discussions on the EU Digital Product Passport, trends in modern retail, using AI to reduce food waste and Latin America’s journey to decarbonise transport.

Andreas Schneider, CEO of the Global Textile Scheme, took to the stage in a series of back-to-back sessions and gave a deep dive into the current developments of the EU Digital Product Passport and its future trends for the textile and consumer goods industry. Igniting customer-centric retailing by using enrichment to drive the demand chain to the value chain was addressed by Qusai Sarraf, Founder and CEO, IVIS Group, who combined retail and food expertise to describe how processes are now being optimised from a data-centric perspective to be customer-centric and action-oriented.

Eduard Marfa, Global Marketing Director, Siemens expanded on the role of Data Cleanrooms and the importance of accelerating digital transformation. Watch his on-site interview here. A lively discussion on warehouse automation was led by Iñigo Jauregi Beldarrain, Commercial and Engineering Director, ULMA Handling Systems.

Leonel Pava, Executive Director of LOGYCA Colombia, called for greater involvement of regional teams within global organisations when tackling transformative issues. He presented potential collaboration opportunities to support the decarbonisation of transport in Latin America.  Leontien Hasselman-Plugge, Co-CEO of Impact Buying, highlighted the issues of trustworthy data availability and benchmarking standards for companies looking to include the ‘right’ data in their annual ESG report. The final speaker, Bob van Luijt, CEO & Co-Founder of Weaviate, joined virtually to close the day with a special session on AI and interactive data.

End-to-End Value Chain Director Ruediger Hagedorn rounded off the day with a special team-building workshop – with the aim of “drumming up” a collaborative spirit.

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