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Benchmarking & Recognition of Standards


To help meet the needs of our members, and to support the development of socially and environmentally responsible supply chains around the world, the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) is the newest initiative developed by The Consumer Goods Forum. The SSCI is a robust programme which benchmarks and recognises sustainability standards, streamlining benchmarking processes across the CGF. It was created by replicating the successful approach of the Global Food Safety Initiative to recognising standards.

Compliance with social and environmental policies throughout the supply chain is a key challenge for the industry. Third-party audits and certifications are one of the main sources of assurance used by companies. Yet, choosing from the many existing schemes can be difficult for organisations who strive to work with suppliers that provide decent working conditions, respect the environment and align with our industry-approved resolutions.

The Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative provides buyers and suppliers with clear guidance on which third-party auditing and certification schemes cover key sustainability requirements and apply relevant governance and verification practices. By demonstrating alignment with the SSCI criteria and achieving SSCI recognition, scheme owners signal a strong commitment to raising the bar while driving harmonisation and alignment.

The SSCI ensures confidence in sustainable sourcing, reduces audit duplication, complexity and cost for all stakeholders and ultimately drives positive social and environmental impact on the ground. It is initially focusing on social compliance with a view to expanding the scope to environmental compliance.

The existing benchmarking of schemes through the GSCP Equivalence Process has now entered its next phase through the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative. Please consult our FAQs for further information on the transition phase.

In addition to CGF members, stakeholders were closely involved in the creation process and were invited to contribute feedback during the public consultation.

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The objectives of the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative are to:

Support companies in their supply chain due diligence by recognising robust schemes that drive positive change and address sustainability compliance issues

Increase efficiency for suppliers and buyers by reducing audit duplication through recognition of robust sustainability schemes

Contribute to continuous improvement of sustainability auditing and certification schemes and encourage them to reflect CGF resolutions in those schemes worldwide

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