Regional Activities

Our mission is to drive efficiency and positive change by helping manufacturers and retailers to collaborate together on a CEO-driven agenda. We focus our work on four “Pillars”: Product Safety; Sustainability, including Social Compliance; Health & Wellness and End-to-End Value Chain. In each area, we help our members to set and achieve shared, global objectives.
In order to drive positive change as broadly as possible and engage all of our members, we complement our global efforts with a regional approach. This involves tailoring the global Pillar strategies so that they are relevant to each region, sharing implementation best practices and engaging with key local stakeholders. In every region, we seek to coordinate closely with local trade associations.

The CGF Latin America

To guide this regional approach, we have started to establish regional Boards that oversee the implementation of the CGF’s Pillar agendas and membership engagement activities on a "local" level. The first of these regional Boards was established in Latin America on August 28, 2015. It reports to the CGF’s Board of Directors.

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Regional Events

Japan Day, Tokyo 2014

Japan Day

Japan Day, the one-day event designed specifically for our Japanese members, has successfully been held on eight separate occasions. The goal of the event is to encourage participation in our activities within the Japanese membership and to network, share knowledge and best practices and to drive even greater collaborative efforts amongst Japanese members. The event has now become cemented in the calendars of our Japanese members.

With a focus on updating Japanese members about progress being made within our strategic pillars, the most recent edition of the event welcomed some 250 delegates, and included updates from our Sustainability, Product Safety and Health & Wellness Pillars, as well as looking at current industry trends impacting the region. It was also the first time our Managing Director, Peter Freedman, was able to address our Japanese members directly.  


GFSI Focus Days

GFSI Focus Days are designed to raise awareness around the Global Food Safety Initiative on a global scale and specifically in regions that are less familiar with the work of the Initiative. The one-day regional events are instrumental in GFSI’s efforts to build confidence and implementation of third-party certification throughout the supply chain. 
These dedicated events are opportunities to create or expand the food safety network in those targeted regions and to learn about current food safety trends with fellow food safety experts. On these occasions, food safety leaders from global companies share their experiences of managing food safety in their organisations. Delegates learn more about GFSI and the added value and benefits of adopting the GFSI approach.
Today, GFSI Focus Days have been held in India, Mexico, China, Chile, Japan, Brazil and South Africa.

GFSI Focus Day South Africa, 2013


GSCP General Meeting 2013

GSCP General Meetings

The GSCP organises annual members-only meetings to gather members’ feedback and input on the structure and content of the Programme's strategy going forward. They also run annual General Meetings that are open to both members and non-member companies that are interested in learning more about the Programme and in exchanging knowledge and best practices. Since September 2008, the GSCP has also opened the first day of its General Meetings to other stakeholders to allow them, along with businesses, to share their expectations and concerns on the Programme’s current work and next steps. 
The aim is of these General Meetings is to gather stakeholders’ objective recommendations to integrate into the GSCP Working Plan; to improve the efficiency of outcomes for the Expert Working Groups; and to enable a flow of ideas between stakeholders, businesses and the Programme.  

Foro Latino

Foro Latino is an invitation-only share group that brings together retail industry leaders from throughout Latin America for the purpose of analysing common challenges and sharing best practices regarding issues impacting the region. Activities include privileged store visits and presentations by industry experts across a range of topics. The most recent edition of the event was held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in May of 2015.

Global Food Safety Conference, London 2013