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We have seen shoppers increasingly seeking out alternative grains to wheat such as quinoa and amaranth.  We brought all of these products together under the LOVE Life brand to make it easy and simple for people to find them in our shops.  We have seen the brand go from strength to strength since its launch in 2011.
Inspiring and advising our customers to choose a healthy diet is not just about how we present, package and promote products in our shops but also about the information we provide through our marketing channels.  We have regular features in our customer magazine – Waitrose Weekend – by Pippa Middleton. Her monthly column includes healthy eating recipes as well as details of her approach to fitness and sport. We also have a wealth of advice and information on including a facility where people with health issues can contact our expert nutritionists to ask questions about how their diet can be modified/improved.
At the heart of our business is the desire to support the local communities in which we trade.  From a health perspective, we support hundreds of local good causes that champion health issues through our Community Matters “green token” scheme in each of our 334 branches across the UK.  As a member of The Consumer Goods Forum, we work on a common global agenda of positive change to empower healthy consumers and support healthy lifestyles
Physical activity is essential to people’s overall health. It is in this vein that we sponsor the England Cricket Team which saw our branches supporting 1,000 local Club Open Days this year– helping to provide food as clubs hold Open Days on international cricket weekends, throwing open their pavilion doors to welcome guests from their community to play and watch cricket. 
We will continue to do all we can to build on the ‘permanently healthy’ trend and see this year’s report as excellent progress.  For more information nutrition and health please visit

Moira Howie
Nutrition & Health Manager