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However, a quick reality check shows us that worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980 and that half the world is expected to be obese by 2050. These are challenging stats but opportunities shown in our survey highlight that our members are actively engaging with multiple stakeholders across their individual and collective initiatives to support healthier diets and lifestyles. 
Our members are in a position to impact all seven billion people on the planet and they can impact over 100 million employees along the value chain. And, they accept and understand that our industry now has an obligation to help improve the lives of consumers all over the world. It needs to be part of the solution and I am happy our key findings show the work we are doing is having a positive impact
The Key Findings
  • 95% of respondents have established policies on at least one of our Health & Wellness Resolutions.
  • 78% of respondents are communicating publicly on at least one of the Resolutions.
  • 97% of respondents have activated programmes on at least one of the Resolutions.
  • 98 million children reached through healthy diet and lifestyle promotions in partnerships with schools.
  • 89 million individuals reached through partnerships with healthcare professionals. 
  • Respondents have formulated or reformulated more than 22,500 products to support healthier diets and lifestyles.
  • Over 66% of respondents have completed three of the four Commitments.
The Power of Collaboration
One thing that this process shows us is the power of collaboration. The CGF remains a truly unique organisation because we are the only group to bring retailers and manufacturers together on a global scale. This also results in our survey being unique and able to provide important insights into where our industry is in its collective decision to want to have a positive impact on the global health agenda and better meet the needs of the world’s seven billion people.    
However, as noted earlier, the challenge of health and wellness is far too complex and the scope too broad to be handled by one organisation or individual sector. Only by working together, and harnessing the power and collective drive of all stakeholders – manufacturers, retailers, government, NGOs, educators, community leaders, and employers – can our goals be achieved. Our survey results show that this is happening, but we’re not done yet and we need to keep pushing and driving member engagement.
The Journey Ahead
The survey results and accompanying report are part of a longer journey for us here at The Consumer Goods Forum. Our members have made public resolutions and commitments, and we remain committed to the process of measuring and reporting on progress and the need to share this data annually. We also remain focused on our five-year plan and on maximising the potential of our diverse membership in support of the WHO Action Plan on Noncommunicable Diseases at the global, regional, and community levels. 
This effort will include an online platform of innovative examples and “how-to” measures that members can look to for guidance on implementation of the Resolutions and Commitments. This digital toolkit will be an important platform for helping to provide our members with tangible pieces of information that can support their role in this movement, no matter their location or size.   We are planning to launch the Health & Wellness Toolkit at our Global Summit in June in New York.
Join Us and Be There for Your Consumers, Employees and Their Families
Our industry is now faced with a unique opportunity to represent itself as part of the solution to this global challenge. We invite you to join the collective movement with The Consumer Goods Forum on to share your stories and successes. 
The challenge of consumer health and wellbeing presents every company with an opportunity to show that it is forward thinking, to build the trust of consumers, and to demonstrate it is engaged in helping consumers, shoppers and employees to live better lives.  

Sharon Bligh
Head of Health & Wellness
The Consumer Goods Forum