Our survey really is the only one of its kind and we need your data to show industry progress as a key partner in health and wellness. To learn more, you can watch our recent webinar on this very subject.
Of course, the survey results and accompanying report are also part of a longer journey for us here at The Consumer Goods Forum.  This exercise empowers us to engage, inspire, activate, and show progress to our stakeholders and to build trust with consumers. It also fits within the post-2015 development agenda recently announced through the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, of which the CGF’s work is also covered.
It has become clear over recent years just how much consumers and shoppers are now looking to their favorite brands and retailers for health and wellness guidance. Our members have a great opportunity to collaborate on and contribute to the global health agenda by helping their consumers lead healthier lifestyles. This survey is your chance to show just how you are helping in this area.
Last year’s report showed the great progress being made with implementation efforts, with:
  • 68% of our members implementing employee health and wellness programmes;
  • 80% sharing polices on nutrition and product formulation;
  • 37% providing consistent consumer information and labelling; and
  • 67% stopping advertising to children under 12 years old.
If you want to know how other companies are reaching their goals take a look at the great company stories in the Health & Wellness Toolkit.
We have so much potential with the collective action of our 400 members spanning more than 70 countries. Our industry is perfectly placed to help drive positive change, but, we need your help to make this happen by completing the survey.
The CGF team is here to help, so let us know what we can do to ensure you are part of this reporting exercise.


This post was written and contributed by:

Sharon Bligh
Director, Health & Wellness
The Consumer Goods Forum