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With a commitment to health and wellness, a company can make a difference not only to its customers, but to its employees, as well. And just like individuals who define health and wellness personally based on their values and beliefs, one might say companies strive to do the same. This uniqueness in defining health and wellness challenges us as businesses and as individuals to be relevant. It allows us to bring our own values to life, helping us staying true to who we are while making sure we are relevant to our customers. And that’s exactly what we did at IGA one year ago when we launched the IGA Better Choices website, which provides resources for shoppers and employees alike to make healthier lifestyle choices.  
As we mark the halfway point of 2016, and approach our goal to bring employee health and wellness to life through implementation of our 2016 Employee Health & Wellness Commitment, it’s essential to honor the uniqueness your company has in terms of health and wellness. What inspires you and your employees? What does your current company structure offer? Perhaps it’s as simple as being able to swap out a higher calorie side dish for a fruit or veggie in your company cafeteria. Perhaps it’s as big as an onsite fitness center for employees in all locations. Perhaps it’s something in between.
As you fill out the latest health and wellness survey and help us improve on the 55% implementation rate from last year, think about all the ways health and wellness permeates your company culture. Visit our online toolkit and review some of the practical examples, and celebrate all the efforts being made, because employees appreciate them. At times it can be tricky to report and publicly celebrate efforts across an organization, especially if metrics aren’t being recorded, the wellness program is relatively new, and/or it simply differs greatly from location to location. Look across your organization and if any efforts of any kind are in place to meet your definition of health and wellness, we ask that you report them on the survey—even if you don’t currently have metrics. Health and wellness is a journey, not a destination, for both individuals and companies alike. Let’s celebrate those steps in the right direction as we all continue on our journey internally with our employees and in partnership with our customers.
What better choices are you making this year? This is your opportunity to tell us! 

Kim Kirchherr, MS, RDN, LDN, CDE, FAND 
IGA Health & Wellness Advisor 
CGF Employee & Wellness Commitment Committee Co-Chair