A Sit-Down with Ruediger Hagedorn, Director of End-to-End Value Chain at The Consumer Goods Forum 

Why do you believe it was important at this time for The Consumer Goods Forum to bring back the Supply Chain Conference? 

The Consumer Goods Forum has always brought together one global and diverse network with a shared mission: “to unlock the potential of global supply chains and be the foundation for which consumer trust is built upon.” 

Over the last two years the supply chain industry has gone through rapid changes in the domains of logistics, transportation and automation. Through plenary discussions, workshops and keynote speeches from industry leaders, the CGF’s global Supply Chain Conference will be where the future of supply chains is created. It brings together key senior supply chain, logistics and data experts responsible for planning, specifying, installing, maintaining, and moving products all over the world. They are the experts whose voices need to be heard if the consumer goods industry is to overcome global shortages, fragmentation, and complexity, rising prices, geopolitics and failing trust.

Under the theme “Our World Changes & So Does Logistics – It’s Time to Act Resilient, Agile and Sustainable” this year’s SCC will provide the perfect blend of shared learnings, best practices, challenges, cutting-edge innovations and networking.

What are the key topics on the agenda? 

Our Programme Committee of Industry Experts has defined a specific range of topics we will address such as digitalisation, ecommerce automation, AI, global trends in finance, reporting, sustainability, carbon emissions shortages and cost of living. More specifically,  discussing supply chains in the post pandemic era, sustainable promotions, industry megatrends, automations in material handling and smart factories. 

Our goal is to bring together supply chain professionals from diverse industries such as retail manufacturing and technology to drive the conversation forward. We have confirmed speakers from Amazon, Jumbo, Kearney and PepsiCo. 

Why would it be valuable for supply chain professionals to attend this year’s Supply Chain Conference? 

The CGF is indeed unique in its ability to bring together retailers, manufacturers, and key service providers to collaborate and act on solutions that deliver long-term, sustainable benefits to business, people and planet. We specialise in bringing together experts and provide the perfect forums to meet face-to-face. 

The 2022 Supply Chain conference, this year for the very first time after a decade-long pause,  will bring together some 150 like-minded individuals with stories to tell and experiences to share. Networking is a critical part of understanding, and for building networks that allow for more fruitful collaborations in the future. 

This Yearly Conference will help ensure we continue to drive actions and share learnings on key supply chain challenges to help ensure modern supply chains, or value networks, are agile, resilient, and sustainable.

The future of the supply chain will be discussed at the Conference and we hope to see you there!

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For more information on the Supply Chain Conference contact: 

Amaya Bloch-Lainé
Events Director

Ruediger Hagedorn
End-to-End Value Chain Director