The CGF Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition of Action (CHL) has launched a workstream to focus on Preventative Health, which addresses one of the biggest shifts in life priorities after the COVID-19 pandemic. During the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Self-care Month (June 24 – July 24, 2023), A.S. Watson Group ran a series of activities for its members around the topic of preventative health through regional campaigns and awareness programmes.

GetActive – Every Body Move
WHO recommends physical activity as a top tip to become healthy. According to a customer survey conducted by A.S. Watson(2022), ‘Health’ overtook ‘Family’ as the most important aspect in life after the COVID-19 pandemic. While 64% of respondents expressed that ‘Exercising Regularly’ is the top-rated action to stay healthy, only 38% take action. This means there is a need for companies to play a more proactive role in promoting healthier lifestyles.

To encourage customers to walk-the-talk, A.S. Watson has launched campaign GetActive, a series of wellness events and activities which aim to inspire people to exercise across Asian markets.

 In Malaysia, A.S. Watson announced the return of its GetActive physical event with “Move Your Body Zumba” as the first- big-scale, physical event in the market after the pandemic. This marked a great post-pandemic comeback which had over 6,000 Watsons Club members in attendance.  The event featured various supplier booths where they played games, won prizes and enjoyed artist performances and many more fun engagements.

The brand has a number of upcoming events planned across Asia, such as a Zumba event in Taiwan, Pink Run in Malaysia and Fit Walk event in Thailand.

Expert Advisory – Community Preventative Health Education

Pharmacists are an important asset of health knowledge and are easily accessible in local communities. In Taiwan, A.S. Watson Group has collaborated with other strategic partners, such as Haleon, to educate the public on what to do when experiencing minor health symptoms (such as flu, muscle pain, dental care, etc). Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, pharmacist outreach programmes provide free health checks and consultations to the elderly in rural areas, with the goal of enhancing primary healthcare for disadvantaged groups.

In Asia, A.S. Watson increases the accessibility of healthcare by leveraging user-friendly technology in order to provide telehealth services. In Hong Kong, A.S Watsons has launched ‘Watsons eDoctor (eDr),’ in partnership with a medical chain, that enables customers to connect quickly with licensed doctors, one-on-one, and with same-day delivery of medications.

Holistic Wellbeing Education – Body, Mind & Soul
As part of the A.S. Watson Group’s Self-Care Month campaign, raising awareness of preventative health is a key element. The company has prepared blog posts on preventive health, such as offering tips to a healthier diet and 101 guides to vitamins and supplements. The goal is to develop comprehensive online blog posts for all 15 operating markets, covering the various aspects of health in order to enhance customers’ knowledge and promote wellbeing.

To further the reach of A.S. Watson’s health messages, all blog posts are shared on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) to encourage self-love, ”me-time” and quality time spent with family and friends. Examples include aromatherapy to relax the mind, and easy yoga pose demos to promote self-care. These platforms of sharing encourage customers to connect with each other and share self-care experiences.

Hanks Lee, Director of Corporate Communication of A.S. Watson Group concludes, “As WHO Self-Care Month comes to an end, it’s important to remember that taking care of ourselves is not a luxury, but a necessity. At Watsons, we understand the importance of preventative health and are committed to helping our customers improve overall quality of life by prioritising our physical and mental wellness. Watsons will continue its drive to enable customers to Look Good, Do Good, and Feel Great together by nurturing our body, mind and soul.”