Holistic health has become more important than ever in today’s polycrisis, especially in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. 

According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “World mental health report: transforming mental health for all”, mental health is an integral part of our overall health and well-being and a basic human right. Approximately one in eight (nearly one billion) people around the world live with a diagnosable mental disorder, and most of them do not have access to effective care due to lack of capacity, support and difficulties in accessing or paying for services.

Aware of these challenges, Migros Ticaret invests in the health and wellbeing of its employees with comprehensive programmes and initiatives through its sustainability roadmap; “Migros Better Future Plan“, which is integrated into the core business strategy.

It includes 5 dimensions: Health, Psychological Wellbeing, Positive Workplace Environment, Motivation and Financial Awareness. 

  1. Health: Migros Ticaret provides employees with free, healthy, high-quality three-course meals every day. In line with the goal of offering a standard meal menu to its employees, Migros Ticaret invested in a food company, which prepares menus for healthy and balanced nutrition with natural and delicious products and offers hygienic packages. On-site health services include dietary advice, physiotherapy assessments, clinical massage, yoga, pilates and breathing techniques. Dietitian and breathing techniques services are accessible online and are available to all employees. Additionally, private health insurance with Migros contribution and check-up facilities are offered. 
  2. Psychological Wellbeing: Migros launched a video series supporting the 5 Dimensions of Wellbeing under the topics of ‘Individual Motivation Success Elixir’, ‘Adaptation’, ‘Mindfulness’, ‘Movement Literacy’, ‘Psychological Resilience and Flexibility’, ‘I Strengthen My Memory’ and ‘Financial Literacy’, aiming to increase the awareness of employees. In addition, Migros Ticaret implements the ‘Happy Family’ programme for employees who are expecting children with training and videos on healthy nutrition, child development, transition to business life after birth and legal rights. Two hotline numbers are live for employees to call in order to resolve workplace issues.
  3. Positive Workplace Environment: Preliminary examinations and evaluations have been initiated to ensure an ergonomic working environment and to increase the social opportunities of employees. In order to strengthen managers’ communication with their teams, various studies have been carried out in the field of coaching, improving feedback skills and manager-employee communication.
  4. Motivation: Migros Ticaret organises various events and programs to increase employee motivation. Motivational meetings organised to strengthen team spirit enable employees to come together, play fun games and participate in cultural and art events. Hobby Clubs, Colors Workshop, Talent Hunters Music Competition, M’Chefs events allow employees to come together around similar interestsAlso more than 90 thousand digital messages were sent in 2023 through “Thank-you Platform” on HR Portal.
  5. Financial Awareness: In addition, to basic fringe benefits such as food allowance, salary and bonus; Migros Ticaret provides travel, feast, leave, heating & clothing, tuition, maternity, family-death, marriage, fuel, and office support package allowances.  Within the scope of ‘My Family and Me’ program, special discounts were provided to employees by making agreements with various companies in several areas such as health, travel, rental and education. To support employees’ private retirement plans, the company will continue to contribute to a private pension fund.

    As Migros Ticaret, we acknowledge that our colleagues are the most important value of our ecosystem. So, we work hard to provide a happy working place for our employees because we believe in the power of a positive environment from the bottom of our hearts.


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