Now Live: Net Zero Playbook for Consumer Industries

A set of practical solutions for Consumer Goods and Retail companies to address their most complex emissions challenges.

The Playbook will be launched at COP27, where a key theme is making good on the commitments made at COP26 and demonstrating action. With the industry contributing approximately one-third of total global emissions, we’ve reached the point when Consumer companies must transition from commitment to action on net zero.

This Playbook outlines what is possible, how to get started, and provides real case studies demonstrating how industry leaders are already taking action across key decarbonization levers, including sustainable agriculture, plastics & packaging, transport & logistics, consumer use, and supplier enablement. Developed in partnership between The Consumer Goods Forum, its members, and Accenture, the Playbook serves as a Consumer industry executive’s guide for developing and operationalizing decarbonization roadmaps.

Download the Net Zero Playbook for Consumer Industries

About the Hub

The Carbon Solutions Hub is a knowledge repository for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers that aggregates resources from across the sustainability ecosystem to help companies navigate their climate journeys. Companies can find case studies, tools and learnings on decarbonisation, the Race to Zero campaign, and ideas on how to operationalise net zero. The Carbon Solutions Hub – developed in collaboration with Accenture – is hosted by the CGF and supports its work as an official Accelerator of the UN’s Race to Zero.

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