Creating a Catalyst for Change

Public reporting is widely recognised as both the trigger for rapid action internally within a retailer or manufacturer, and the key to building consumer trust and engagement on the issue. Increased transparency and public reporting of data are essential to driving progress towards reducing food waste and achieving SDG 12.3. The Food Waste and Loss Standard provides requirements and guidance for quantifying and reporting on the weight of food and/or associated inedible parts removed from the food supply chain, in a consistent manner.

The Coalition plans to report aggregated data of its members in a harmonised approach through the Food Waste Atlas – built by WRAP UK and the World Resources Institute (WRI) and in support of the FLW Standard. In collaboration with WRAP, WRI and other stakeholders, the Coalition will work on the development of a standardised and consistent data reporting form with common metrics through its Reporting Workstream. The Coalition’s objective is for all its members to report publicly by December 2021.