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25th SEPTEMBER - 29th SEPTEMBER 2023

About WinterComes 2023

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What is WinterComes?

WinterComes offers a unique experience for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. The event enables service provider, retail, and manufacturer companies to have in-depth conversations about the strategic implications of new technologies for their businesses in the FMCG industry, with direct access to the innovators of these ground-breaking technologies.

The event links innovative projects with businesses, allowing service providers the opportunity to present their solutions to businesses that may be interested without putting pressure on delegates to invest.

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When and Where Will WinterComes Take Place?

WinterComes takes place from the 25th – 29th of September at Sitges, Spain.

The week-long gathering includes Steering Committee Meetings and the two day Supply Chain Conference.

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What is The Supply Chain Conference

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)’s global Supply Chain Conference convenes one global and diverse network with a shared mission: “to unlock the potential of global supply chains and be the foundation for which consumer trust is built upon”.

The conference provides the perfect blend of shared learning, best practises, challenges, cutting-edge innovations, and networking. It brings together senior supply chain, logistics, and data experts responsible for planning, specifying, installing, maintaining, and moving products all over the world, to address challenges such as global shortages, fragmentation and complexity, rising prices, geopolitics, and failing trust.

The CGF’s global Supply Chain Conference is where the future of supply chains is created.

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When and Where Will Supply Chain Conference Take Place

The Supply Chain Conference forms part of WinterComes gathering and takes place from the 26th – 27th of September 2023, in Sitges Spain.

The two day Conference includes a store tour and a full day conference. 

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Who Should Attend the Supply Chain Conference?
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers 
  • Service Providers
  • CGF members and non-members
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Who do I contact for Sponsorship Opportunities?

For information on sponsorship opportunitie, please contact us below. 



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What is The Consumer Goods Forum End-to-End Value Chain?

The End-to-End Value Chain is a pillar of The Consumer Goods Forum that includes the Product Data Coalition of Action and a host of other initiatives that work to visualise an industry in which trading partners have access to real-time, accurate and independently assured product and supply chain data down to item level. This work also includes focused events like the SpringBoards and Open [ ] Space series.
To learn more, visit www.tcgfvaluechain.com.

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How is Your Event Following the Necessary COVID Guidelines?

Our events team are constantly monitoring the changing scenarios related to the hosting of events during the COVID pandemic. We will be working with our hosts at the selected venue to ensure we are following all necessary protocols. Depending on the rules at the time, a COVID health pass may be necessary for you attend the event. And, based on your country of origin, you are encouraged to double-check restrictions on entering the host country for your specific country of origin, as rules can vary from one country to another.

Current guidelines on international travellers to the US can be found here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html

About the Pilots

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What are the Pilots?

Pilots are tools to co-design the economic climate. The tools can be rooted in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data, Digitalisation & Innovation. The content presented are the results of successfully piloted innovations that deliver a ready-to use solution in the form of software, hardware or service at the day of the event (no future promises).

  • They address the areas of Innovation, IT and Value Networks and can be classified into one or several of these five areas, offering immediate solutions in these spaces:

Efficiency and Sustainability, Logistics in Smarter Cities, On-Time and In-Full (OTIF), Product Data, Technology

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What Areas do the Pilots Cover Currently?

Typically, the pilots will cover the areas of Efficiency and Sustainability, Logistics in Smarter Cities, On-Time and In-Full (OTIF), Product Data, Technology.

For the specific pilots available at event edition of the events, please visit the online marketplace – aka “store” – to learn more about the pilots and projects on offer.

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How Can I Take Part as a Service Provider?

If you want to take part as a Service Provider, plase go to the page How to Take Part?. There you will find all the information about how to take part in SummerComes and WinterComes with your pilot. 

Alternatively, you can email us directly at e2e@theconsumergoodsforum.com with details about your pilot and we’ll be in touch. 

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How Can I Take Part as a Retail or FMCG company?

If you are a Company interested in a pilot, you will find a button on each respective pilot’s page, where you can directly contact us to learn more, or you can contact the company directly, as their contact information is also present at the bottom of each pilot page.  

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