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1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Becoming a Tranformational Leader
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– Digital transformation in CPG has entered its ‘day 2’; while day 1 was focused on digital marketing & eCommerce take-off, the next phase will see eCommerce (in all its forms) become the
dominant sales channel, transforming operating models and radically re-shaping supply chains (digital, personalised, faster)
Supply chains
Put data & AI at the heart of decision making, from R&I to product lifecycle management, consumer engagement and revenue management lifecycle management
Accelerate the evolution from products to products, services and experiences
– Early adopters are already seeing significant benefits – and widening the gap with competition in terms of access to consumers, data assets, and capabilities
– …and already preparing day 3: “platforming” their key assets (content, data, digital services, algorithms, …) to build ecosystems that deliver superior economics and value to consumers
– We will be sharing BCG perspectives on how major developments in digital and technology


– The digital technology revolution, why we believe that it is still in very early stages

– What digital transformations are already happening today and how to make sure you benefit from them:

  • Supply chain: E2E planning, manufacturing analytics, network optimization, R&D and testing acceleration
  • Innovation & Marketing: predictive trend detection and consumer analytics, data-driven price and promotion, data-driven marketing, A&P allocation/ROI, DTC
  • Sales and RTM: category management 2.0, data-driven field sales, eCom acceleration
  • Support functions: process digitisation
  • Services: augmented services

– What we can expect next:

  • Understanding how breakthrough technologies (e.g. AI, A/R, robotics, block chain, etc.) are likely to evolve in next few years
  • How next gen technology will drive hyper-personalisation, higher speed and productivity
  • What the future, anytime/any place omni-channel with increased eCommerce predominance could look like
  • Opportunities and threats of the digital platform revolution: moving from selling products to comprehensive consumer services and experiences

– The ‘so what’: what you can ‘take home’ and start actioning right away


  • Short presentations
    Discussion and debate



  • Nicolas De Bellefonds
    Sylvain Duranton
    Joel Hazan
    Tanmay Jain
    Khaled Tawfik