Virtual Knowledge Series

FLP Virtual Knowledge Series


This programme may be subject to change
Creating Your Culture


  • – Participants will understand the role that culture can play in transforming their team and enterprise – they will learn how to both assess the culture of today and achieve the future culture they desire.
    – Participants will be introduced to translating values and desired cultural norms (such as a focus on sustainability and ESG more broadly) into actionable behaviours.
    – Participants will identify the most impactful contribution they can make to their enterprise’s systemic changes (e. g dialling up sustainability, DEI, Digital transformation) against the backdrop of their individual growth journey into transformational leaders


The session will invite leaders to take an organizational development perspective and to integrate the three core aspects of strategy, structure and culture, with a strong session focus on the latter

Leaders will be taken through a simple framework that brings about actionable behaviours to drive culture change toward the target state. 



Pre-read will be provided ahead of the session.

The session will provide participants exposure to shaping culture through a relevant case study. 

A framework to surface cultural norms will be provided and applied in the session to participant’s organizations. 


Dates are subject to change and will be confirmed shortly