Date 2021
Organisation Wisdom Works Group
Resource Type Insight
Language English

Leaders today guide their organizations through an unprecedented degree of
uncertainty, complexity, and change in our globally connected world. They must
welcome rapid technological advances, respond to increased polarization and
upheaval in politics and societies, and evolve their workforces and operations to be
innovative, fast, agile, and relevant. This inevitably means leading in environments full of
contradictory demands, or paradoxes, where solutions are never clear or simple.

At Wisdom Works, we believe leaders are better able to navigate the nuances of
contradictory circumstances when they abandon either/or thinking in favor of a both/and
mindset, the heart of effectively leading paradoxes. This orientation recognizes that
conflicting perspectives can coexist and, indeed, may be an impetus for innovation,
learning, and growth. We believe this both/and mindset, and the leadership behaviors
that result from it, is more likely to come online when leaders are thriving mentally and

In this Be Well Lead Well® Research Insights report, we explore the relationship between
these two psychological resources—both/and mindset and wellbeing—which we
consider essential to leadership effectiveness.