Date 2017
Organisations United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP
Resource Type Toolkit
Language English

The Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information (short the Guidelines) aim
to provide value chain and public sector professionals with clear guidance on how to make
effective, trustworthy claims to consumers, on product-related sustainability information.
They are applicable to all regions and companies of all sizes. A key, long term objective is to
generate global consensus by creating a level playing field for developing new, and revising
existing, product sustainability information. Ultimately, the Guidelines aim to empower
consumers to make informed sustainable choices.

The Guidelines’ focus is on the information provided to consumers, to encourage more
sustainable consumption patterns via the selection, usage and disposal of consumer
products. This does not imply that the sole responsibility to reduce the adverse effects
of product manufacturing and consumption on society and the environment lies with
consumers. Sustainable consumption and production can only be achieved if all value
chain stakeholders play their parts and commit to more environmentally and socially
sound actions.