Date 2021
Organisation IGD
Resource Type Report
Language English

Together with industry, we are helping shift consumer behaviour towards healthy and sustainable diets. This report explores initial findings, from IGD’s large- scale interventions with Sainsbury’s. We analyse what consumers do when fruit and vegetables are made more accessible.

To find out what truly drives long-term behaviour change, IGD has joined forces with leading retailers, manufacturers and researchers at the University of Leeds, to put theory into practice with millions of people through a series of real-life behaviour change trials.

This report showcases the first results from our in-store behaviour change trials, testing what strategies at point of sale could shift consumers towards making healthier, more sustainable food and drink choices.

With 37% of consumers saying that cost prevents them from eating a healthy, sustainable diet. This trial pulled on three behaviour change levers, to test the hypothesis: reducing the price of fruit and vegetables to 60p in stores across the country, for four weeks, should increase portions sold and variety of products purchased.

The number of promoted fruit and vegetable portions sold increased by 78% during the intervention.