Date 2021
Organisation AIB International
Resource Types Report, Insight
Language English

“The coronavirus pandemic came as a huge surprise for many, but it really shouldn’t have. Public health experts have been sounding the alarm for years. Now that we have been living and working for more than a year in the pandemic, what have we learned and how do we best move forward?

“To better understand the impacts of the resulting COVID-19 disease on the food industry and the outlook on what’s next, we surveyed 325 food and beverage executives across North America and interviewed an additional 16 about what COVID-19 has cost their companies and how they are preparing for the next pandemic.

“What we found is startling – 30 percent of food industry executives think we’ll see another pandemic in the next four years, while half say they still feel unprepared for the next pandemic. This demonstrates not only the importance of current COVID-19 protocols, but also the need to critically examine their pandemic preparedness plans for the future.

“In this report, we’ll examine the food & beverage industry’s readiness for COVID-19, how COVID-19 impacted their companies and how they reacted. Finally, we’ll look at how food & beverages executives feel about the future”.

– Anthony Fauci, MD & David Morens, MD

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