Date 2021
Organisations UN Global Compact, Russell Reynolds Associates
Resource Type Report
Language English

As we began the UN Decade of Action and approached the
20th anniversary of the UN Global Compact, it was with an
acute awareness that we were not on track to meet the 2030
deadline to transform our world. Then came the COVID-19
pandemic, further exposing fundamental weaknesses in our
global system and the fragile nature of our progress to date.
With less than 4,000 days remaining until the 2030 marker,
we need to turn commitment into action. As we set out to
recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time for
all companies to raise their ambition for people, planet and

For transformation at the level and scale needed,
organizations need to focus on making sustainability
sustainable. This is more than a matter of strategy, policy
and process — it is fundamentally about leadership and
people. Leaders on boards and in the C-suite have a
huge opportunity to make sustainability central to their
organization’s culture and leadership, yet only in 4 per cent
of non-executive and senior executive appointments is
sustainability experience or mindset a requirement.

For this reason, the United Nations Global Compact and
Russell Reynolds Associates set out on a collaboration to
answer an important question: how can organizations make
sustainability core to the DNA of their leadership teams?