Reporting on Progress and Impact

Measuring the impact of our initiatives has always been at the heart of our work in Health & Wellness, since it began in 2010. Through a variety of mechanisms, we have tracked progress to acknowledge our members and stakeholders’ contributions to supporting healthier lives worldwide and to ensure the right actions are taken. Now, as the Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition, ensuring accountability and progress are more important than ever.

Demonstrating Impact While Creating Shared Value

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is working with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and the SUN Business Network (SBN) on the aligning accountability initiative. The project aims to analyse the opportunities and challenges related to aligning business accountability and is designed to support the 2020 Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit (N4G) Summit and beyond.

In 2019 a report was published by GAIN to assess the current landscape of business accountability for nutrition and consider ways to improve it.

Moving Forward with SMART Commitments

On 11th February 2020, a workshop hosted by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and GAIN/SBN presented the conclusions of GAIN’s report and looked at how each of the organisations and companies involved can contribute to better aligned business accountability for nutrition. The workshop included an overview of key learnings, commitments and next steps for the project. It was suggested to make commitments which are SMART and align with: 1) national priorities, 2) the N4G Principles for Engagement and 3) the accountability framework. 

A progress report will be published in October 2020 and is expected to include:

  • Results of the companies and business associations agreeing to use selected global indexes/frameworks
  • Results of the companies willing to adopt an approach towards fewer and SMART commitments
  • Details of the repository for public data on business impact and nutrition
  • Research on the added value of the accountability mechanisms assessing the business role in nutrition.

Measuring CHL impact

The CGF looks forward to increased collaboration on accountability in line with the Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition mission to drive empowered, healthier consumers globally and drive shared business value.  To this end, the Coalition’s KPIs will be independently measured to assess the impact of the initiative. The main KPIs include:

  • To measure tangible and demonstrable progress towards healthier baskets and behaviours
  • To measure increase of awareness and wellbeing of people and access to preventative services

Global Reporting on Actions Shows Progress

Prior to our work in Collaboration for Healthier Lives, we focused on the implementation of our Health & Wellness Resolutions and Commitments. These industry-shaping resolutions and commitments served as the foundation for our work, dating back to our foundation in 2010. 

To ensure the widest possible implementation of our Resolutions and Commitments, a survey of members, beginning with the Board, was started in 2013 and lasted for five consecutive years, with the last report being published in February 2019. The Progress Reports showed how CGF members engaged with their communities on health topics. 

Download the 2018 Progress Report

There is a lot to be proud of with regards to the achievements of our members. We must continue to be the global platform that inspires members to drive positive change and provide necessary support through things like toolkits, case studies and workshops. We are hopeful that the progress being seen now will inspire the entire membership.