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Protecting Health and Promoting Longevity

CHL Japan’s mission is to promote healthier lifestyle habits to extend life expectancy. The project sets out to develop programmes to introduce and promote healthier diets and exercise, and provide health counselling in stores.

During phase 1 of the project that ran between August 2017 and January 2019 in Kobe and Osaka, CHL Japan held lectures and supermarket events on the topics of: moderate salt intake, metabolic syndrome prevention, sufficient vegetable intake, health checks, and carbohydrate control. The results observed included increased awareness about healthier diets and increased sales of vegetable beverages and fat-burning drinks.

Going forward CHL Japan aims to ramp up its activities, following the key findings from its first phase. In this regard, three target groups have been identified:

  • Next generation – Raising awareness on nutrition education
  • Working generation – Preventing lifestyle related diseases
  • Elderly generation – Preventing the progression of frailty

The initiative plans to redesign its resource plan to ensure scalability and sustainability, develop a digital tool for consumers on lifestyle-related disease prevention and nutrition education, and establish a network with academic institutions to evaluate project impact and ensure reliability.

The next phase of CHL Japan is set to launch in March 2020.