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Helping to Make Informed Decisions

The CHL Costa Rica initiative is a collaborative movement looking to help consumers make informed decisions that allow them to seek balance and well-being in their lives and those of their families. It looks to help address key public health challenges in Latin America, including malnutrition and obesity. The initiative was launched in 2018 with an initial 3-day “Give a Healthy Twist to Your Life” campaign that ran from 27th-29th July.

In view of its aim to empower consumers to adopt healthier choices to support a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle, the launch focused on spreading awareness and sharing specific information including:

  • The importance of a balanced diet
  • Ensuring a caloric balance
  • Controlling food portions
  • How to read and understand food labels

In continuing to work towards the common goal to provide consumers with different tools that help them make a positive change in their daily lives by making increasingly healthier decisions, CHL Costa Rica held a health fair from 22nd-24th March 2019 and plans to hold an additional one in September 2019.