Roberto Di Bernardini, CHRO at Danone, participated in the first ‘Ask The Expert’ Series of the year, a follow-up to the Employee Wellbeing Campaign, which is part of The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) ambition to accelerate industry action on employee health wellbeing.

As part of the launch of the Acceleration Areas, CEOs and C-Suite level executives have volunteered to share their tips, tricks and insights with the industry on how they prioritise people and planet both personally and in their business. 

Sharon Bligh, the CGF’s Director of Health and Sustainability, moderated the interactive session, which delved into what wellbeing means to Roberto personally and why it’s important for business.

“Wellbeing is a holistic concept – it encompasses not just physical wellbeing but also mental and financial. Nowadays employee wellbeing programmes are not just a nice-to-have for business, it’s a must.” – Roberto Di Bernardini, Chief Human Resources Officer at Danone. 

Roberto drew upon data from a McKinsey Health Institute business study in March 2024, which concluded that improving employee health and wellbeing could create between  $3.7- $11.7 trillion in economic value, and increase global GDP between 4-12% by investing in employee health & wellbeing in all economies.

With Danone’s mission to bring health through food to as any people as possible, Roberto highlighted the company’s holistic wellbeing programme “Be Well by Dan’Cares” which includes three aspects: 

  1. Nutritional Wellbeing; offer opportunities and educate employees to eat well 
  2. Mental Health; promote work-life balance,  and proactively communicate about mental health in order to decrease stigma. 
  3. Physical Health; invite employees to move and promote physical exercise. 

The session closed with questions from the audience and a discussion around the practical aspects of what keeps employees happy and well  through tailor-made benefits and flexibility, as well as fostering good relationships between  managers, their employees and leaders. 

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About CGF Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition of Action

  • The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)’s CEO-led Coalition of Action on Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) is about making it easier for people around the world to adopt healthier lives for themselves and their families.
  • CHL initiatives running across 9 countries and involving over 160 organisations.
  • As a collective, members of the CGF, and their partners, are exploring, experimenting, innovating, and evolving business models to support positive change, while sharing data and knowledge at scale, cross industry. Health is not a competitive advantage; it’s a basic necessity. And it’s clear no company can solve this issue alone.
  • Collaboration is needed at scale and across sectors if the consumer goods industry is to play the necessary role in the health and wellbeing of people. 
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About the CGF’s CEO Expert Series

  • In June 2023, Dirk Van de Put, CEO of Mondelēz International and Frans Muller, President and CEO of Ahold Delhaize, took the helm as new Co-Chairs of the CGF, focused on mobilising even greater member action around five ‘Acceleration Areas’, designed to speed up the systemic change continuously driven by the CGF’s Coalitions.
  • These Acceleration Areas are: enhancing employee health and well-being; ensuring human rights in supply chains; advancing packaging circularity; promoting deforestation-free supply chains; and moving forward on decarbonisation.
  • The Expert Series marks an important part of this vision, enabling members to learn from the expertise of fellow member CEO’s, and topic experts, and drive focused progress faster together.