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On 21 November, The Consumer Goods Forum’s Health & Wellness Director, Sharon Bligh attended the Responsible Retailing Forum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Organised by SPAR, the event was an opportunity for SPAR partners to share ideas and exchange knowledge across the six pillars of Responsible Retailing including Health, Sourcing, Community, Environment, Climate, and People.

During the second topic of the day, Sharon highlighted some of the latest trends in health and wellness and then talked about the foundations of the Health & Wellness work at The Consumer Goods Forum and how our members’ commitments to product formulation, employee health and wellness programs, transparent consumer information and marketing communications to children, have progressed in the past four years. She then focused on the Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) initiatives, the flagship health and wellness initiative at the CGF, sharing learnings from the CHL initiatives in Colombia, Costa Rica, Turkey, and the USA and providing an overview of the most recent countries to join the initiative, France and the UK, planned to go live in 2019.