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On 6th February, CGF Social Sustainability Director, Didier Bergeret attended the US Consultation as part of his role on the Advisory Board to the ILO Global Business Network on Forced Labour and Human Trafficking.

During the morning session facilitated by Didier, participants expressed their expectations about the Business Network, which could allow access to the ILO’s huge convening power to create something new that doesn’t duplicate but brings to scale by leveraging existing programmes. The Network could also allow businesses to engage governments in harmonising laws and reduce some inconsistencies, while also providing businesses and governments with the tools and motivation to take more action, and ensure that we jointly create a network of “doers” rather than a network of “sayers”.

The CGF has a long-standing relationship with the ILO following joint activities around the CGF’s Priority Industry Principles and “Partnerships to End Forced Labour in Supply Chains”, a conference co-hosted by the CGF and the ILO in June 2017. The CGF sees cross-sector collaboration as vital to the eradication of forced labour and human trafficking, and was therefore pleased to participate in the discussions around the drivers of forced labour, the factors driving business engagement and the role of public-private partnerships.

The ILO’s Global Business Network on Forced Labour and Human Trafficking aims to drive action further down the supply chain and across industry sectors. The Business Network will provide space to foster collaboration, build capacity, and pool resources, while providing companies with support to navigate the ILO’s world leading expertise and network.

We are looking forward to continuing this important work alongside the ILO and are pleased to be part of their Advisory Board.

The next consultation will be taking place in Geneva Switzerland on 23rd March for companies and employers in Europe, followed by events in Nepal and Indonesia. Should you be interested in knowing more and attending any of these events, kindly contact the ILO Global Business Network directly by writing to Wade Bromley.