The case studies booklet illustrates just some of the many significant contributions by participating members who globally donated over 540 million meals to food banks, among other actions in close to 100 countries. Health workers, children, the elderly, farmers, low income households, and disabled persons around the world benefited from the over 845 million Euros worth of donations.

The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) Coalition has published a case studies booklet highlighting the actions of member 51 companies and organisations to assist vulnerable communities most impacted by COVID-19. This comes after the December 2020 CGF announcement that its members would work together on a series of key actions to support vulnerable communities, as part of a coordinated, worldwide response to mitigate the health and economic impact of the pandemic.

Commenting on the CGF members’ actions, Mark Schneider, Nestlé CEO and CHL Board Co-Sponsor, said, “I am proud and deeply moved by what CGF member companies are doing to help communities and organisations affected by the pandemic. Together with over 75 charity partners across 50 countries, Nestlé supports those who work relentlessly on the frontline to help alleviate the suffering that knows no borders.”

Recognising the urgency of industry intervention and the impact that collaborative action can make, Frans Muller, Ahold Delhaize CEO and CHL Board Co-Sponsor, said, “We believe local actions support local communities and through collaboration we can make a difference. Together with local food banks, Ahold Delhaize has helped thousands of people and families in need by donating over 50,000 tonnes of food. And that is just one example of our COVID-19 care. CGF members have been giving and will keep on giving. Actions are still needed.”

CHL Steering Committee Co-Chair and Senior Vice-President of Walmart Health, Marcus Osborne, acknowledged members’ efforts and said, “Now more than ever, given the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our industry has an important responsibility, frankly an obligation, to support the most vulnerable populations across the globe. Our members’ actions to date are an outstanding reminder of how, when we all come together in the spirit of collaboration, we can drive positive change.”

Adding to this, CHL Coalition Director, Sharon Bligh, said, “The need to intensify actions to support vulnerable communities impacted by COVID-19 is critical. By joining forces and responding to this need, it is without a doubt that CGF members have a significant impact in mitigating the health and economic challenges that people in communities across the world are facing in the wake of the pandemic.”

The CGF CHL Coalition encourages members to continue to find ways to help alleviate the impact of the pandemic and drive change at scale. Download the case studies booklet for details on some of the relief actions implemented by participating members to date, and for information on additional ways to support those in need.



Thank you to the following companies and organisations for submitting their case studies and data: