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On 29 November, Isabelle Grosmaitre, CGF Health & Wellness Co-Chair and Alimentation Initiative Catalyst, Danone and Demir Aytaç, Chief Human Resources Officer, Migros Ticaret A.S. and Health & Wellness committee member spoke at ‘Day One‘, a two-day event in Monaco, where visionary leaders gathered and participated in global debates to drive concrete decisions that will make the world a better place.

During the second ‘Challenge Lab’ of the day, entitled ‘Digital for Health: Forces for Good?’, Isabelle and Demir spoke about the importance of digital in nudging people towards healthier behaviours.

Isabelle mentioned that Danone is embracing a food revolution and that each time we eat and drink, we vote for a world we want to live in. Danone have decided to be the ‘catalysts for change’, and have partnered with other companies, namely via The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), to impact healthier practices around the world, as this is an issue that needs collective action and cannot be solved by companies on their own. She then talked about how CGF members have come together to create a collective movement to empower healthier lives and drive shared value with the ‘Collaboration for Healthier Lives’ initiatives.

Demir then talked about the CHL Turkey intervention. “Good business is a responsible business with a good purpose”, he said before he highlighted the importance of identifying and serving the needs of society to bring about positive change.

He also talked about the major health movement they have undergone to accelerate this work by establishing “Migros Wellbeing Journeys”, using mobile apps and in-store dieticians to offer consumers personalised discounts on certain food groups.

For more information on how digital can support the goal of positively impacting behavioural change to help people live healthier lives, please see the Global Health and Wellness Digital Framework, developed in partnership with Capgemini. You can also join our webinar on Thursday, January 31 at 4.30pm CET/ 10:30 am ET, to learn from the architects of the Global Health & Wellness framework as they connect to discuss the importance of behavior change and the role digital can play. Register today!