Migros Ticaret, in collaboration with KPMG, today publish a report showcasing the activities involved in the ‘Migros WellBeing Journey’, one of the first activations of Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) worldwide. The report from the CHL Turkey team is the fifth local report to be published in 2020, following the publications of the teams in the US, China, France and the UK.

Initially launched in April 2018, CHL Turkey has focused on a multi-phase journey towards building a healthy society, integrating in-store activities and digital tools to reach customers. 


CHL Turkey started the initiative by partnering with 11 manufacturers, and, after two years, are now collaborating with over 50. They have also partnered with other associations including the Turkish Dental Association and Anadolu Medical Center to increase awareness and impact of the journey.

The new report covers the activities included in each phase, as well as the overall Migros mobile app, which leverages data from the Turkish Ministry of Health about balanced nutrition and an advanced algorithm to compare consumers’ three-month food purchases with ideal daily food nutrition intake. The app then offers tailor-made recommendations and discounts to create a more balanced basket.

The report also covers the Balanced Nutrition Index (BNI) as the key measurement tool developed by Migros in partnership with KPMG, to track progress of healthier baskets.

“We have highly appreciated our partnership with Migros as the two local co-chairs of The Consumer Goods Forum initiative. We have planned to launch our combo menu deals with our healthy drink portfolio and healthy sandwiches especially in Migros stores at gas stations. This will not only create a sustainable wellbeing communication platform inside the store but also a marketing communication platform for the consumers to convey their eating habits to a healthier alternative. In terms of the next steps, we are working with Migros Ticaret in order to switch doors to screens and to adapt screens for balanced diet data sharing. We also have an aim to enlarge our combo menus and update them every quarter”, said Burcu Turan Enderoğlu, Head of National and Local Key Accounts, Danone Dairy and CHL Turkey Co-Chair.

“Good business is a responsible business with a good purpose, which means identifying and serving the needs of society brings about long-term benefit to all. In this direction, within the scope of Migros WellBeing Journey, we created shared values by working as one with the state, manufacturers, employees and customers, towards building a healthy society. More than 50 manufacturers have supported our journey. Creative and correct use of technology enabled us to personalise the messages we wanted to give our customers and to widen the scope of the program beyond our stores to all over the country. We also developed a new performance criterion with KPMG Turkey to measure the effectiveness of the program. Balanced Nutrition Index (BNI) effectively shows how close the basket of customer is to the ideal balanced nutrition. We believe that this index, which is adaptable to all projects with an ideal and actual case, can certainly be a key methodology to measure the progress”, said Demir Aytaç, Global Business Alliance Executive, Migros Ticaret A.Ş. and CHL Turkey Co-Chair & Ahu Başkut Alyanak, Corporate Communications Director, Migros Ticaret A.Ş.

“With the Balanced Nutrition Index (BNI) model, Migros successfully delivered high impact and proved that the CHL initiative is scalable. This business case is a great example on how to drive positive change in consumer behaviour that is both measureable and sustainable. Migros seized the importance of leveraging technology to have positive impact on business and society. The value of Migros model is that it could be leveraged by other CGF members to design and implement their own models. KPMG had the pleasure to support Migros in Turkey and will be delighted to work on further development of the BNI at a global level to scale the CHL initiative with other CGF members”, said Jean-Marc Liduena, Partner KPMG, Head of Consumer & Retail Advisory.

The report is also available on the CGF’s Global Learning Mechanism

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