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The CGF recently confirmed a new event to be held in October 2016 in Paris. The event, the Sustainable Retail Summit, will give members and non-members the opportunity to learn more about our pillar activities, working groups and resolutions, and provide insights and best practices around how to implement our Board-approved Resolutions and Commitments. It will also serve as a link between operational people involved in Pillar working groups and CEOs.
The first event will cover relevant areas across our work on Environmental and Social Sustainability and Health & Wellness, together with work on our End-to-End Value Chain & Standards Pillar. 


Dave Lewis, CEO of Tesco, to Talk Health & Wellness at the Global Summit

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis has confirmed his participation at the upcoming Global Summit in Cape Town, South Africa this June. And, as part of this, Dave, who is also a member of the CGF’s Board of Directors, will be presenting on our very own Health & Wellness actions. Titled, “Consumer Goods for Better Lives”, Dave will be sharing his thoughts on empowering consumers to make healthier lifestyle and diet choices and how doing so presents an enormous opportunity for our industry.
It’s time to join this global industry movement.